DANIELA is situated in widely recognized and highly appreciated Slovak Paradise National Park, exactly next to the village Dedinky in the part called Dobšinská Maša. You would not find a better place to stay if you are craving for breathtaking nature sceneries and want to embrace the whole nature in its beauty.

Chate DANIELA – Welcome!

We offer to our customers cosy accommodation consisting of 4 separated rooms with the access to terrace, spacious communal premises with a fireplace, fully equipped kitchenette, 3 toilets and 3 showers.

chata daniela
chata daniela
chata daniela
chata daniela


The cottage is able to :

 accommodate a total number of 15 people (in case of need it is possible to make some extra beds). What is concerning the costs, the price for one person per one night is 15€ during the season, otherwise it is up to mutual agreement. Children up to the age of 3 are charged by no tariff.


Once you are our guest, you have unlimited access to WiFi, television in the social – communal – premises, audio set with the possibility of interconnection with your device and listening to your own playlist of hits.


Aqualand DL is also provided by fireplace and grill to offer you a chance to gather and enjoy chilly, starry and wild nights full of laugh and cheer. Should you need something from your car, it would be by far a piece of cake to get hold of it as parking places are just beside the cottage.


Talking about the reachability of places, if you get bored by the local area or the weather is not in your favour you may hit the roads and within tens of minutes you are in High Tatras, thermal park Vrbov or Aquacity Poprad.


Room Type
# BedsPrice
1-Upper floor (left side), triple room – single bed, double bed


50 €
2-Upper floor (middle room), triple room – single bed, double bed


50 €
3-Upper floor (right side), triple room – single beds


50 €
4-Middle floor, quad room – double bed, bunk bed


60 €
1 extra room with bed settee  

In case of your interest to make a reservation for the whole cottage we offer significant discounts.


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If you are into spontaneous strolls, adventurous hiking or mountain biking, fishing or mushrooming during hot or mild days or on the other hand you are keen on promoting winter sports you have already found the place for your self-realization

Aqualand chata DL
Mobile: 0914707362, 0905206023
Address: Dedinky,Dobšinská Maša 69